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Japanese Nakiri Knife (Vegetable-cutting Knife)
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Established a company as a Japanese sword manufacturer 140 years ago.
We are afraid that the Japanese swords are only a kind of traditional art, we will not be able to provide an opportunity to appreciate how sharp and splendid the traditional swords are directly for you all.
We would like to guarantee you how well the hand made kitchen knives with the same manufacturing methodology of Japanese swords"KATANA".
We , the 4th successor, make sure you might feel the products we provide are authentic and sharp no matter how long you might use ,moreover , you might realize the one as a precious practical utility.
We contrive to last and improve the same traditional Japanese sword manufacturing skills so that our products will be able to satisfy your needs ; sharpness, long life time.
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Japanese Nakiri Knife (Vegetable-cutting Knife)

+ Nakiri knife [Japanese style]
Length(mm) Weight(g) Price(JPY)
130mm 120g 12100
150mm 130g 14300
165mm 140g 16500
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Handle Option
  • Octagonal handle with baffalo horn bolster for Nakiri knife [Japanese style]
    Octagonal handle with baffalo horn bolster for Nakiri knife [Japanese style]
  • Octagonal evony handle with baffalo horn bolster for Nakiri knife [Japanese style]

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Other Option
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  • Case for Nakiri knife [Japanese style]
    Case for Nakiri knife [Japanese style]

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Customer review for Nakiri knife [Japanese style]
Alec Redpath
Rating:★★★★★  Date: 11/07/2017
Knife is forged/ground extremely thin from the primary bevel resulting in high performance. The knife is around 53 mm tall, 2.5mm spine thickness at the heal, and around 160mm along the cutting edge. I asked for a finger rest and it is very comfortable in a pinch grip. The steel (white#1 HRC 65) is some of the best available on the market. OOB needs a finish sharpening as micro chips can occur out of the box because of the high heat treat and acute bevel that is applied. It just needs a few passes on a higher grit stone(2000-8000) and the micro chipping issues are gone. Overall, great performer with the ability to handle heavy vegetable prep to detail work in a professional setting. The stainless Nashiji finish is very durable, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, low friction, releases food with ease, and full of character. I would not hesitate to order again because customer service is great and Mr Fujiwara is simply one of the best blacksmiths out there!!! Thank you very much!!!

d t copeland
Rating:★★★★★  Date: 13/11/2015
Not every day but when used particularly
with fish it is perfect

Rating:★★★★★  Date: 11/11/2015
Fantastic knife. I needed a short and tall blade to deal with garlic, herbs and spring onion...this one delivers every time as long as you know how to look after it.

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