2023.05.28 ORDER STATUS
Deba knife [Nashiji] 135mm is ordered.
Date 2023.05.28
Item Deba knife [Nashiji] 135mm
Price 19,800 JPY
The Deba knife is fine enough for fish filleting and still great for cutting bones. We recommend that you use different sizes of Deba knife, such as large Deba, medium Deba, and small Deba, depending on the size of the fish you cut.
Please note that all Deba knives are made to order;
therefore, it may take “several months” to deliver
it after your orders are received.
The series of Deba knife, Nashiji has a sandwich structure with stainless and steel (shirogami (white paper) No.1). The surface of the blade is called Nashiji because it looks like skin of Japanese pair and that prevents slices from sticking to the blade. This series of the knife is the most reasonable price. The steel (shirogami (white paper) No.1), which is white steel called shirogami (white paper), contains many carbon and that makes knife hard and high sharpness cutting blade, and the raw materials are made by Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
Deba knife [Nashiji]