2023.09.29 ORDER STATUS
Sujibiki knife [Denka] 270mm is ordered.
Date 2023.09.29
Item Sujibiki knife [Denka] 270mm
Price 126,500 JPY
The Sujibiki knife is used to remove tendons from a chunk of meat. Because the blade is long and narrow in width, it can also be used for cutting sashimi (raw fish).
The series of Sujibiki knife, Denka has a sandwich structure with stainless and top glade steel (aogami (blue paper) super). The surface of the blade is Uchidashi finish and this series is the highest class product. The steel (aogami (blue paper) super), which is blue steel called aogami (blue paper), is highest class steel that is developed for blade making an alloy of high purity steel (shirogami (white paper) )and tungsten and chromium.
Since aogami (blue paper) has tenacious and abrasion resistance, it has less chip in a blade and loose strength than shirogami (white paper). The raw materials are made by Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
Sujibiki knife [Denka]