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Japanese Nakiri Knife (Vegetable-cutting Knife)
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Established a company as a Japanese sword manufacturer 140 years ago.
We are afraid that the Japanese swords are only a kind of traditional art, we will not be able to provide an opportunity to appreciate how sharp and splendid the traditional swords are directly for you all.
We would like to guarantee you how well the hand made kitchen knives with the same manufacturing methodology of Japanese swords"KATANA".
We , the 4th successor, make sure you might feel the products we provide are authentic and sharp no matter how long you might use ,moreover , you might realize the one as a precious practical utility.
We contrive to last and improve the same traditional Japanese sword manufacturing skills so that our products will be able to satisfy your needs ; sharpness, long life time.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to get the further information.
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Japanese Nakiri Knife (Vegetable-cutting Knife)

+ Nakiri knife [Denka]
Length(mm) Weight(g) Price(JPY)
150mm 180g 48400
165mm 200g 50600
195mm 330g 77000
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Handle Option
  • Octagonal handle with baffalo horn bolster for Nakiri knife [Denka]
    Octagonal handle with baffalo horn bolster for Nakiri knife [Denka]
  • Octagonal evony handle with baffalo horn bolster for Nakiri knife [Denka]

If you want to change the western handle into the Japanese Style Octagonal Handles, please select one on shopping cart screen after adding the knife to shopping cart.

*Currently the evony is out of stock. I'm afraid we are not sure when we will be able to ship one to you.
(Please be advised that It will takes a week or more.)

Other Option
- If you purchased case below without knife, it is possible that size does not fit to your knife.
- If you purchaced case below without knife, please pay for shipping fee.
  • Case for Nakiri knife [Denka]
    Case for Nakiri knife [Denka]

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If you want to change the western handle and apply the Japanese Style Octagonal Handles.

Customer review for Nakiri knife [Denka]
sakorn somboon
Rating:★★★★★  Date: 09/11/2015
totally love the knives. cutting vegetable have never been so easy..

Andrej Apro
Rating:★★★★★  Date: 07/11/2015
Excellent knife, best of all my collection

Marcelo Amaral
Rating:★★★★★  Date: 07/11/2015
I love this nakiri. It was the sharpest i've ever seen out of the box, even compared to Kato or Shigefusa. Perfect for slicing chives!

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