Sashimi knife [Denka]

Established a company as a Japanese sword manufacturer 140 years ago.
We are afraid that the Japanese swords are only a kind of traditional art, we will not be able to provide an opportunity to appreciate how sharp and splendid the traditional swords are directly for you all.
We would like to guarantee you how well the hand made kitchen knives with the same manufacturing methodology of Japanese swords"KATANA".
We , the 4th successor, make sure you might feel the products we provide are authentic and sharp no matter how long you might use ,moreover , you might realize the one as a precious practical utility.
We contrive to last and improve the same traditional Japanese sword manufacturing skills so that our products will be able to satisfy your needs ; sharpness, long life time.
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  • Sashimi knife [Denka]
  • Sashimi knife [Denka]
  • Sashimi knife [Denka]
  • Sashimi knife [Denka]

Sashimi knife [Denka]
The Yanagiba (Sashimi) knife is used to slice boneless fish fillets for sashimi. The long length of sharp blade enables to cut off at once and which makes sashimi smooth, shiny, even in order to maximize the taste. The series of Yanagiba (Sashimi) knife, Denka has a sandwich structure with stainless and top glade steel (aogami (blue paper) super). The surface of the blade is mirror finish and this series is the highest class product. The steel (aogami (blue paper) super), which is blue steel called aogami (blue paper), is highest class steel that is developed for blade making an alloy of high purity steel (shirogami (white paper) )and tungsten and chromium. Since aogami (blue paper) has tenacious and abrasion resistance, it has less chip in a blade and loose strength than shirogami (white paper). The raw materials are made by Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
[ Length ] [ Weight ] [ Price ]
210mm 115g 110,000 JPY
240mm 140g 132,000 JPY
270mm 180g 165,000 JPY
300mm 230g 220,000 JPY
330mm 250g 275,000 JPY
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110,000 JPY



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