Gyuto knife [Nashiji]

Established a company as a Japanese sword manufacturer 140 years ago.
We are afraid that the Japanese swords are only a kind of traditional art, we will not be able to provide an opportunity to appreciate how sharp and splendid the traditional swords are directly for you all.
We would like to guarantee you how well the hand made kitchen knives with the same manufacturing methodology of Japanese swords"KATANA".
We , the 4th successor, make sure you might feel the products we provide are authentic and sharp no matter how long you might use ,moreover , you might realize the one as a precious practical utility.
We contrive to last and improve the same traditional Japanese sword manufacturing skills so that our products will be able to satisfy your needs ; sharpness, long life time.
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  • Gyuto knife [Nashiji]
  • Gyuto knife [Nashiji]

Gyuto knife [Nashiji]
The Gyuto knife (Chef’s knife), ideal for families and professionals, is our most popular knife. The series of Gyuto knife, Nashiji has a sandwich structure with stainless and steel (shirogami (white paper) No.1). The surface of the blade is called Nashiji because it looks like skin of Japanese pair and that prevents slices from sticking to the blade. This series of the knife is the most reasonable price. The steel (shirogami (white paper) No.1), which is white steel called shirogami (white paper), contains many carbon and that makes knife hard and high sharpness cutting blade, and the raw materials are made by Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
[ Length ] [ Weight ] [ Price ]
180mm 150g 20,900 JPY
195mm 160g 22,000 JPY
210mm 170g 29,700 JPY
240mm 240g 49,500 JPY
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  • Alec Redpath
    This knife is definitely a bruiser/workhorse, but thin where it counts, behind the edge, with great convex grind and geometry.
    1. Edge length: 213mm
    2. Height about heel:
    3. Spine thickness: 3.9mm at heel, 2.5mm halfway,
    2mm an inch from the tip.
    4. Weight: 189 grams.

    Lasers through soft product with ease despite the thick spine. This knife really lives up to the
    Gyuto knife [Nashiji]
  • Vasilis Maniatis
    Gyoto knife nashiji 195mm with octagonal handle and finger rest.and write on the knife the
    Gyuto knife [Nashiji]
  • Chris Meikrantz
    Gyuto knife [Nashiji]
  • Pawel Szczepaniak
    Gyuto knife [Nashiji]
  • Stephen Layne
    This knife takes a very keen edge and is easy to sharpen. The Nashiji finish prevents food from sticking.
    Gyuto knife [Nashiji]
  • William Kelsall
    An absolutely superb knife. Not a 'pretty' knife - this is all about doing what a knife should do well - cutting. Razor sharp, beautifully balanced - truly the knife for a serious cook.
    Gyuto knife [Nashiji]
  • Soumya Sarkar
    Excellent craftsmanship and edge retention.
    Gyuto knife [Nashiji]
  • Jeff Brown
    Very well crafted gyuto. Very easy to sharpen and stays sharp for a very long time. A very enjoyable knife to use.
    Gyuto knife [Nashiji]
  • chris phillips
    The bones of this knife is superb. No matter how much it is polished, still has bite.
    The problem was that the knife required a lot of work on the stones. A lot of overgrind and the knife needed considerable thinning. Working through SS is laborious. Last, the neck or choilwas gauged. More of a fit and finish issue as this does not impact performance. Many of us knife nuts buy these knifes for its steel and accept that we will need to subject it to our stones, for better or worst. Currently, the knife is wedging more than I would like on tall dense products. The cutting edge is awesome.
    Gyuto knife [Nashiji]
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