Japanese Gyuto knife [Maboroshi]

Established a company as a Japanese sword manufacturer 140 years ago.
We are afraid that the Japanese swords are only a kind of traditional art, we will not be able to provide an opportunity to appreciate how sharp and splendid the traditional swords are directly for you all.
We would like to guarantee you how well the hand made kitchen knives with the same manufacturing methodology of Japanese swords"KATANA".
We , the 4th successor, make sure you might feel the products we provide are authentic and sharp no matter how long you might use ,moreover , you might realize the one as a precious practical utility.
We contrive to last and improve the same traditional Japanese sword manufacturing skills so that our products will be able to satisfy your needs ; sharpness, long life time.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to get the further information.
  • Gyuto knife [Maboroshi]
  • Gyuto knife [Maboroshi]

Gyuto knife [Maboroshi]
The Gyuto knife (Chef’s knife), ideal for families and professionals, is our most popular knife. The series of Gyuto knife, Maboroshi has a sandwich structure with stainless and steel (shirogami (white paper) No.1), is the most popular knife. The steel (shirogami (white paper) No.1), which is white steel called shirogami (white paper), contains many carbon and that makes knife hard and high sharpness cutting blade, and the raw materials are made by Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
[ Length ] [ Weight ] [ Price ]
150mm 150g 22,000 JPY
180mm 175g 26,400 JPY
195mm 185g 27,500 JPY
210mm 200g 35,200 JPY
240mm 240g 55,000 JPY
270mm 300g 71,500 JPY
300mm 340g 88,000 JPY
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22,000 JPY




Knife set
  • Maboroshi set (Gyuto195mm + Nakiri165mm)
  • John Ridwgay
    This is a great knife with a traditional wabi-sabi aesthetic of subtle irregularity that reveals its making. Perfectly balanced and super sharp it is a pleasure to use every day. The Maboroshi is also a very practical knife of carbon steal blade wrapped in a stainless steal. I have a few Japanese knives but I love my Maboroshi and Nashiji best because of simple natural beauty and they way they feel in my hand when I cut.
    John Ridwgay
  • Laurence A. netherlands
    Wow what a great knife! Very nice balance and handling, Nice wide blade and extremely sharp. Great customer service. Can recommend to everybody.
    Laurence A. netherlands
  • Laurence A. netherlands
    Wow what a great knife! Very nice balance and handling, Nice wide blade and extremely sharp. Great customer service. Can recommend to everybody.
    Laurence A. netherlands
  • Peter Matheson
    I am admittedly enchanted by the rustic beauty of Fujiwara knives. I own a Denka Santoku and now a Maboroshi Gyuto. These knives are truly handmade, no two exactly the same. Your knife will be unique in its own way. What is in common with both of my knives is a wicked cutting edge.
    After over 25 years of working in a professional kitchen, the daily routine of cutting meat and vegetables can become monotonous. Working with Fujiwara knives has changed the way I think about kitchen knives. I now take a new delight in my daily routine of cutting and chopping.
    I can also say that I've had and excellent experience with their attentive customer service.
    Peter Matheson
  • Chris Valkiers
    I had to wait some time before the knife arrived, probably because of the ebony handle I ordered. When it arrived it was packed as a gift. I'm very pleased with this knife. I use it for some time now. It is super sharp and has a beautiful artisan look and feel.
    Chris Valkiers
  • Simon Dockray
    Simon Dockray
  • Carl Sawatsky
    What can I say other than that this knife is amazing. Functional Art. Great distal taper, great medium weight, amazing edge retention and ease of sharpening. Not super reactive at the edge either. It is an absolute pleasure to work with his knives in a professional kitchen. Dont hesitate to buy something of this level of quality, just do it!
    Carl Sawatsky
  • d t copeland
    Not every day use but perfect with meats, salamis etc;
    d t copeland
  • Ian Poy
    I've been using my Fujiwara Teruyasu knives for 12 months, they quickly became my favourite knives to use. I can rely on them to stay sharp for a long time.
    Ian Poy
  • Nick Walston
    I love this knife. It hold's a fine edge extremely well. It will be part of my cooking for years to come. Thank you.
    Nick Walston
  • Glenn Kistner
    Very sharp and well made blade and the whole knife has a nice feel to it, with some heft. Fun to use!
    Glenn Kistner
  • Brad K
    I purchased this high quality knife directly from Fujiwara and am very happy. I had a few specific requests and they were handled promptly and professionally over email. The knife is full of charecter and soul and cuts like a dream. The edge retention is tremendous for a White #1 steel. I am a very happy customer.
    Brad K
  • Frans Janssens
    I bought the knife for my son who is 18 years old was he works there every day with a lot of fun with it in the kitchen of the restaurant where he works, he says that it is difficult to deal with his own knife because his colleague, s every time his knife suits
    Frans Janssens
  • Robert M.
    Basically good knife, good heat treatment, but very irregular and inconsistent geometry. Thinning with stones requires geological timescales. Cuts well, but not amazing.
    Robert M.
  • Beat-san
  • Marco Rovere
    Absolutely fantastic knife. Handle with care, since it's razor-sharp.
    Marco Rovere
  • Ichi
    I tried your knife right after it arrived and said to myself, now this is a REAL knife!
    I don't know how to explain this, but the knife seemingly glides through foods; I am so impressed.
    It's perfectly balanced weight seems to enhance the sharpness; I look forward to using this knife for my cooking!
  • Takeichi
    I wasn't happy with off-the-shelf knives, so I purchased Fujiwara-san's knife. Its edge is much sharper than I expected and I immediately became a fan of your products!
    I was so impressed that on the day after I received my knife, I ordered another one as a gift for my mother!
  • Someppi
    Just as I thought...good things ARE good! Its edge is just like that of a sword.
    This will last a lifetime, and I will use it with good care.
Double Tap.