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I can feel my knife is encouraging me.

Which Fujiwara knife are you using?
Nagiri, Deba and Gyuto knives.

What made you use our Fujiwara knives?
Although I have had a long career as a cook, I have never had any knife about which I can say, “this is the one for me!”
The knives that given to me or that I purchased myself are just ordinary ones that you can get at the Tsukiji market.
Then, I just happened to hear about the all hand-forged knives of Fujiwara Edged Tool Craft K.K., and I immediately visited the shop in Himonya. Since then, I have been using your knives.

What is your impression of Fujiwara knives after using them?
Sorry for my clichéd expressions, but …
- Sharpness
- Easy to use
- Corrosion resistance
I think the above 3 aspects are all I wanted. Another aspect to note is that it was my first time using a knife with which I could imagine the creator’s efforts time, and intentions; hence, it has significantly changed my awareness regarding kitchen knives.

Vegetables still look fresh after I cut them. Or I can keep the sharpness of the materials, etc. I learned that this is exactly what a great sharp knife can do.
Another aspect to note may be related to my expression, specifically [I could imagine the creator’s efforts, time, and intentions]. On occasions such as when I almost cut my fingers, I could feel that Mr. Fujiwara was telling me to “be careful!” and I can feel he is encouraging me. It is my pleasure to use these knives everyday.


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