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Kitchen Knife Smithing Experience
Jesus Medina [ USA ]
  • Please tell me the impression of Smithing Experience.

    The experience was amazing to learn an old world craft hands on and in person.

  • What is our attraction to you?

    Meet Master Fujiwara and see his craftsmanship in person.

  • What was the main reason for choosing our product?

    Quality and legacy.

  • Compared to our competitors, how do you rate our product quality?

    100% the best steel and craftsmanship your product has a soul.

  • Were there any concerns before purchasing, or what you were expecting from our product?

    They are expensive but worth the cost.

  • Have you resolved the above concerns or expectations?

    I have no concerns.

  • How would you describe if you will introduced us to your family or friends?

    Yes, I have shared my experience with friends and family.

  • Please tell me if you have any other comments or opinions that you can share with us.

    You must make a trip to meet Master Fujiwara he is a legendary craftsman I enjoyed my time at the factory and was very impressed with the staff and the hospitality.
    I felt very special and welcome I was paired with the prefect Knife and was honored by his wife with tea and a smile.
    I would encurge guest looking for a custom experience to go and meet Master and learn the old craft of sword and knife making.
    Gaku was very patient and was an excellent translator he was patient and very easy to work with on booking my experience.