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Kitchen Knife Smithing Experience
Tyler Trapp [Canada]
  • Please tell me the impression of Smithing Experience.

    I really enjoyed my Smithing Experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I thought it might be more of a demonstration than what it was. I was very happy to get to actually try smithing knives and to get instruction from Fujiwarasan himself.

  • What is our attraction to you?

    I was attracted to your shop because of the Smithing Experience and the quality of your products. Also because of the Fujiwara name which is popular in North America. It was also nice to go outside of central Tokyo to see the town where the shop is located.

  • What was the main reason for choosing our product?

    The main reason I chose your shop is because of Fujiwarasan’s reputation as a master knife maker. I love the look and quality of your knives.

  • Compared to our competitors, how do you rate our product quality?

    I would rate Fujiwara knives among the highest quality. They are the best knives I have ever used.

  • Were there any concerns before purchasing, or what you were expecting from our product?

    My only concern was the price of the knives.

  • Have you resolved the above concerns or expectations?

    Even the high end knives at the shop are expensive but reasonably priced so I was happy with the cost.

  • How would you describe if you will introduced us to your family or friends?

    I am always excited to share my love of Fujiwara knives with anybody who’s interested.

  • Please tell me if you have any other comments or opinions that you can share with us.

    It would be nice to see and learn about your products on Instagram.