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Kitchen Knife Smithing Experience

Please tell me the impression of Smithing Experience
My partner and I thought it was the amazing!
It is a good way to convey value and appreciation.
When people see a video showing how hard it is to make a knife and the work involved they are surprised.
It is also great to put a name and face to the knifes name. It tells a story about origins and roots that other knives don’t.

Compared to our competitors, how do you rate our product quality?
I have been a chef for 15 years. Fujiwara are known for being super sharp and amazing.
I still work a few hours a week in a kitchen for fun and I use a Fujiwara.
The knife performs better than any I have even used!
Easy to sharpen. Holds a sharp edge very well.
Very impressive.

Were there any concerns before purchasing, or what you were expecting from our product?
I think the finishes are interesting.
Some people love the obvious hand made look to the knives.
Some people dont like it.
I personally love the unique nature to all of your knives.

Have you resolved the above concerns or expectations?
I have no concerns. If chefs do not like Fujiwara I dont mind.
It is important to match the chef with the knife. Not everyone deserves a Fujiwara.

How would you describe if you will introduced us to your family or friends?
There is a rich history of knife making at Fujiwara.
Unique knives that blur the line between tools and art.
Sharpness that must be experienced to appreciate.

Please tell me if you have any other comments or opinions that you can share with us.
As a chef I have dreamed about one day using a Fujiwara.
When I decided to start a knife store for chefs in my town Fujiwara was the first company I contacted.
I am honoured to offer your knives to local chefs.
Newcastle is famous for producing some of the best chefs in the world.
Brett Graham is a chef from Newcastle. Ranked in the top 50 in the world.


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